„If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favourable”, says an old sailor quote. We help you define clear goals and implement a strategy to achieve the goals.

Compelling concepts and clear goals are mandatory requirements for a successful and sustainable communication. Only with an independent and clear profile one can succeed in a fairly strong competitive environment. Thanks to our longstanding expertise in the fields of storytelling and strategic communication consulting, we are very keen and confident specialists. We help our clients to achieve their corporative aims through communication activities so real accomplishments towards business success can be made.


We have a passion for professional PR work. Storytelling and good text quality are the base for everything in our business.

With no proper and reasonable competencies, every concept is cursed to fail. A well-understandable text, an exciting story, targeted press work lead to promising results. Because that is what it is all about by the end of the day. With our proper PR work, we support our clients efficiently to reach their communication goals and their sales targets. Thanks to our broad expertise, we certainly know how to reach satisfying media coverage through good stories and a genuine maintaining of valuable contacts.


Digital channels are not everything. But without digital communication everything is nothing today. And: Content remains king – in the digital world more than ever.

With no good content, there is no good communication – especially in the online world. The connection to the traditional print sector offers many possibilities through new formats and refreshing ideas for a direct communication with every relevant stakeholder. Guaranteeing reasonable orientation within the online information jungle for clients, journalists, the public overall and even for the own employees is an essential key. There are good chances for the online sector to measure the success of communication and to optimise such pursuit thanks to its strong focus on data. This increases the efficiency. And whoever is not present in the online sector will lose the connection to the real world at some point and will not be relevant. We support our clients to be part of the highly essential online sector.

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